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Pony Companions by Usagi-Zakura Pony Companions by Usagi-Zakura
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Kind of an update of an old picture I made ages ago. I wanted to draw some of the Doctor's companions as as ponies.
And before you tell me "X doesn't look like that! he looks like *insert background pony here*", the Doctor isn't a horse. Its already wrong by design, and unless you can point me to the Doctor Who episode or MLP episode that confirms that Character X is Pony Y I don't care. Its all my headcanon.
Also its only New Who Companions because these are the ones I'm most used too and I can't fit all of them anyway. I couldn't even fit Twelve. Sorry Capaldi... Also TV-companions only because I don't like to read.

The ponies form left to right:

The Ninth Doctor:
- Pretty self-explanatory. The first New Who Doctor as played by Christopher Eccleston. Has had three companions in his very short run; Rose Tyler, Jack Harkness and Adam Mitchel. (Yes he actually had more male than female companions. I like that:B)

Rose Tyler:
- Here portrayed by Roseluck. I had my own design for her, but since recent episodes of MLP shows Roseluck along with Doctor Hooves quite often I decided why not use her. Companion to the Ninth and Tenth Doctor.

Jack Harkness:
- Here portrayed as "Star Hunter" or whatever you choose to call this particular background-pony. Companion to the Ninth and very briefly Tenth Doctor.

Adam Mitchell:
- A very short-lived companion of the Ninth Doctor. Invited along by Rose after meeting him in "Dalek" he was just as swiftly thrown out of the TARDIS at the end of the next episode for attempting to bring future technology back to the past for his own personal gain (the weird third eye he has is a future computer interface port).

The Tenth Doctor:
- If you don't know who this is you are not a fan of Doctor Who. I used the "Time Turner" design but gave him brown eyes because I always found that the most noticeable feature of David Tennant. He's had three companions during his run plus a few single adventure companions I chose not to include because of space restraints, this includes Rose Tyler (who stuck around after his regeneration), Mickey Smith, Martha Jones, Donna Noble and Jack Harkness who returned as a guest star in a couple of episodes sometimes alongside Torchwood. Not pictured here is Sarah Jane Smith and K9, a Third-Fourth Doctor companion who appeared as a guest star in season 2 and the season 4 finale.

Martha Jones:
- The Tenth Doctor's first official companion after loosing Rose (though technically second if you count his one adventure with Donna between season 2 and 3), second black companion of the new series (pretty sure of the series overall...) after Mickey and third companion to have a crush on him after Rose and Jack.

Mickey Smith:
- Originally introduced in season 1 as Rose's boyfriend Mickey did have a couple of adventures with the Ninth Doctor but didn't actually begin traveling in the TARDIS before season 2. The first black companion in New Who, a fact some people tend to ignore because they only remember Martha... I stand my my point that the Doctor needs more male companions, at least maybe then we can have less shipping with every single female companion of his...

Donna Noble:
- Donna was technically introduced between season 2 and 3 but didn't become an official companion before season 4. Originally she wanted nothing to do with the crazy alien but pretty soon after he left she decided her life was too boring so the next time she saw him she was more than ready to come along. Also the first female companion who didn't have a crush on the Doctor. Donna was awesome.

Amy Pond:
- The first companion of the Eleventh Doctor. Traveled with the Doctor long enough to get married, get pregnant, have a baby, loose the baby to an evil organization, meet the grown up baby (before actually having said baby...), get divorced and get back together again with her husband. Amy's been through a lot.

Rory Pond:
- "Maiden name" Rory Williams. Amy's husband and a pretty relaxed guy considering all the crap he's had to go through, which includes suspecting his wife was cheating on him with the Doctor and dying repeatedly.

The Eleventh Doctor:
- My favorite Doctor. He's had four companions on the show if you include River Song (which I do) and a couple of reoccurring ones who rarely ever traveled with him such as Madame Vastra, Jenny (no not that one) and Strax (who should have been official companions... because crazy sontaren and a lesbian couple one of whom his a lizard-lady). Eleven is also by far the oldest of the New Who Doctor if you count just how long he's been around (in-universe that is). He's been traveling around for several hundred years, possibly even a thousand before litterally dying of old age...which is kind of ironic since he started out as the youngest actor to get the part.

River Song:
- Some might not count her as an official companion as she only appears in occasional episodes and in the wrong order...She actually first appeared for the Tenth Doctor... Then she died.... then Eleven met her again as a child and witnessed her growing up into a psychopath trained to kill him, only to fall in love with him and marry him instead. She did however travel in the TARDIS several times and even knew how to actually drive the TARDIS (better than the Doctor himself...) River Song is a living stable time loop in more ways than one for reasons that would take way too long to explain and would spoil the entirety of season six.

Clara Oswald:
- The Doctor's current companion. She first became a companion to the Eleventh Doctor and stuck with him through his regeneration to Twelve (Season 8 will show how long that lasts) but she has actually appeared to every single one of the Doctor's lives due to some odd timey wimey stuff... Ironically the Doctor first wanted her as a companion after witnessing her die twice, and it was while she was traveling with him she ended up going back and seeing his former selves so she could save his life. Clara's companionship is basically a stable time loop, though not quite as extreme as River Song.

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All of these companions are canon to Mister Clever's back-story. Although Clara is dead. Really dead this time. River Song showed up as a data ghost once but she too is dead and unable to do anything about the Doctor's current predicament.

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rainbowdashlux Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
I love the fact that Derpy isn't there
Usagi-Zakura Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Of course not. These are ponified versions of canon companions only. 
rainbowdashlux Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Yeah, I know. It's just I sometimes see Derpy as Rose.
I'm against that ship. (Replace "p" in "Ship" with a "t")
Usagi-Zakura Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
DerpDoc or RoseDoc? I get annoyed with both... But I can get behind DerpDoc if its written well (as with most fan-pairings). 
What bothers me the most about it is that people treat it as canon... 
Cuz it isn't. 

My Doctor never got into a romantic relationship with Derpy and he never will. 
He does know her, quite well even... but they remained just friends. 
rainbowdashlux Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
*Puts nerd glasses on* Thats RosexWhooves
Usagi-Zakura Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*Slaps nerd glasses of*
You know what I meant:P
Neither is in the dictionary. 
rainbowdashlux Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
I don't need dictionaries *puts nerd glasses back on*
The definition of life is not in the dictionary!
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