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The Usagi
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Welcome to the DeviantArt account of Usagi-Zakura.
Here you will find animal-photos, fanarts and comics.

FAQ: (In case the image is too hard to read.)
- Do you do requests?

- Do you do commissions?
Yes. More info here:…
And before you ask I don't do point commissions.

- Can I do fanart of your characters?
As a fanartist who spend hours drawing copyrighted characters without asking for permission it would be rather hypocritical to say no... Go right ahead. I would love to see it. So long as you don't take credit for creating them.

- Can I post your art on another website? (Might be odd putting this here since most people don't even are terrible.)
No. This includes Tumblr (unless reblogged from my own account), Facebook, Derpibooru, Youtube and roleplaying sites. Even if credit is given its still theft.

- Can you draw me as a cyberpony?
Only if you buy a commission of it.

- But I don't have money T.T
Sorry. I don't draw free art for complete strangers.

- Why do I have to comment before I fav and not after?
I don't care when you comment. I just feel like I get more feedback from actual text than just a tiny golden star.

- Hi I'm FlytterTwiHorse the Alicorn adn I'm here to talk to the pony in your pic.
No you're not. This isn't a roleplaying site.

- Who is Mister Clever?
Mister Clever is a cyberman-version of the Doctor from the season 7 episode Nightmare in Silver. Drawn here as a pegasus-pony as seen in his blog:

- The Doctor isn't supposed to be a pegasus and he's supposed to be married to Derpy!
The Doctor isn't supposed to be a pony at all and his last wife was River Song. Stop trying to mix your headcanon with mine.
AKA: Why Bronies need to chill the f*** out. 

I just posted a picture of Derpy's family from Mister Clever's universe and it didn't take long before I got a comment from someone who said they didn't believe those to be a family. 
Granted they treated it a lot nicer than what most comments like this I get, which ranges from "I prefer the Doctor looking this way" to "OMG THOSE PONIES AREN'T TOGETHER YOU F**ING **TARD!" 

Headcanons are nice to have, and feel free to have whichever one you like but don't. Ever. Treat. It. As. Canon.

I don't honestly believe Derpy to be the child of Lily Blossom and Royal Pin.
Derpy doesn't have a family. 
She's canonically a background-prop made to make Ponyville less empty.

Some fanfics treat Derpy has having loving parents, in another her mother is outright abusive. Each one is equally as canon as my theory, which is to say not at all. There is zero proof that these horses are related, but there's also no proof that they're not... Derpy could be Rainbow Dash's sister for all we know. 

I don't like to call my fanfics headcanon, because I don't believe they are or will ever be canon, and that's basically what a lot of people treat it like. 
I don't count anything as canon unless it has been proven by the writers of the show or licensed material. Mind you even the licensed material can be suspect. The comics for instance can't seem to agree with who the writer of Daring Do is, and some background ponies have inexplicably changed names in the toyline.

You can have whatever theory you like about the families and lives of background ponies but until the show actually proves/disproves them stop comparing them to mine.
I don't mean to be rude but: I don't care. 

If everyone had the same headcanons there wouldn't be much point in fanfiction now would it? Why write new stories if they're all gonna be the same? 
I don't LIKE to use other people's headcanons, because honestly it feels like stealing... I am aware I'm already kind of "stealing" from Studio B, but I'm not trying to make a fanfic based on your own fanfics, or even Doctor Whooves and Assistant (which everything DerpDoc related is oddly compared to). I'm trying to write my own story, and to be at least a bit original. 

PS other fandoms, don't act so smug. You do the same thing. 
I've seen the same arguments made in both the Naruto-fandom and TLK-fandom. You all need to chill out and treat fanfiction as they really are. 
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