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Diphylla Referene by Usagi-Zakura
Diphylla Referene
A reference sheet for my vampire bat horse of the not-fruit-eating variety.
If you wanna help me develop her some more you can ask her some questions over at my Tumblr blog:3
Cousins by Usagi-Zakura



I’ve decided to call my vampire bat pony Diphylla, after the hairy-legged vampire bat. Because I like to give my characters latin names:B

As for the fruit bat in this…well I had a little “theory” about how these vampire ponies may have started.

In the episode “Bats” Twilight Sparkle casts a spell on the vampire fruit bats to make them stop eating apples. I always wondered (espesially after the parasprite fiasco) what else did she expect them to eat?

So after being forced to stop eating apples, one or more of the fruit bats took after some of their predatory relatives and went after ponies.

Due to the magic energies they had been infused with it caused a mutation, either in the bat or the pony they attacked. They even inherited a variety of Fluttershy’s “stare” giving them hypnotic powers.

And so the vampire ponies were born. Unlike the traditional vampires they are not immortal or undead, but simply mutated ponies, who spread their mutation through biting and sucking the victim’s blood. (Not all ponies who get bitten turn into vampires instantly. I haven’t quite decided what it takes to turn one, but honestly I feel that would be a bit excessive:p)

Vamponies by Usagi-Zakura



Yeah. Kind of random.

Once again changelings are left out as they don’t have the same kind of blood normal ponies do… So Alphie’s suddenly stuck noticing all his friends and enemies have turned into evil bloodsucking monsters…poor little guy.

I was thinking about whether or not griffins would be converted or if it would only affect ponies, but then I decided on an alternate method for them. Griffins eat ponies (at least they do in Clever’s universe) and if they happen to eat a vampony they turn into feral vampire-hybrids who are even more insane than normal ones since they don’t have a master to teach them and keep them under control.

Clever may not be entirely controlled either, since he’s a cyberpony and thus connected to the cyber-network. But I drew him there anyway. Currently red-lighting trying to keep the mind-control at bay.

(No I don’t know who turned them…probably the batpony I posted yesterday)

Not canon and probably never will be.

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I'm gonna have to rant a bit...

Sat Jun 28, 2014, 10:46 AM

I try my best not to mind criticism. Heck my art even encourages it
BUT if you're going to criticize me please do not:

- Nitpick. Nobody cares if one character is a tiny inch taller/shorter than he should.
- Treat headcanon as canon. Doctor Whooves is not canon and thus open to interpretation.
- Lecture me about shows you don't watch. Just watching a lot of Doctor Whooves fanart DOES NOT make you an expert on 50 years of Doctor Who. I haven't seen all of it either, but I don't go around telling other people that their ideas are wrong because it references something I haven't seen yet.  There is A LOT of history behind Doctor Who, some of which might even be a bit contradictory.

And lastly for the love of god:
READ THE ARTISTS' DESCRIPTION BEFORE YOU START COMPLAINING. More often than not there is an explanation there.

Llama by FlawlesslyArtisticI love comments by Sedma:thumb310085525:I support writing English by FragileReveries:thumb327200668:Character Abuse by StamPorMole

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The Usagi
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Welcome to the DeviantArt account of Usagi-Zakura.
Here you will find animal-photos, fanarts and comics.

- Do you do requests?

- Do you do commissions?
Yes. More info here:…

- Why don't your tailed beasts look right?
Because they're not the Naruto-ones. They are creatures of mythology. Read the effing artist descriptions. Those things are ancient too and I don't update my fanart because or recent developments.

- Can I do fanart of your characters?
As a fanartist who spend hours drawing copyrighted characters without asking for permission it would be rather hypocritical to say no... Go right ahead. I would love to see it. So long as you don't take credit for creating them.

- Can I post your art on another website? (Might be odd putting this here since most people don't even are terrible.)
No. This includes Facebook, Tumblr (unless its reblogged, and yes I do post a lot of my art to Tumblr as well) and Roleplaying sites. Don't be a thief!

- Can you draw me as a cyberpony?
Only if you buy a commission of it.

- But I don't have money T.T
Sorry. I don't draw free art for complete strangers.

- Why do I have to comment before I fav and not after?
I don't care when you comment. I just feel like I get more feedback from actual text than just a tiny golden star.

- Hi I'm FlytterTwiHorse the Alicorn adn I'm here to talk to the pony in your pic.
No you're not. This isn't a roleplaying site.

- Who is Mister Clever?
Mister Clever is a cyberman-version of the Doctor from the season 7 episode Nightmare in Silver. Drawn here as a pegasus-pony as seen in his blog:

- The Doctor isn't supposed to be a pegasus and he's supposed to be married to Derpy!
The Doctor isn't supposed to be a pony at all and his last wife was River Song. Stop trying to mix your headcanon with mine.

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