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I'm gonna have to rant a bit...

Sat Jun 28, 2014, 10:46 AM

I try my best not to mind criticism. Heck my art even encourages it
BUT if you're going to criticize me please do not:

- Nitpick. Nobody cares if one character is a tiny inch taller/shorter than he should.
- Treat headcanon as canon. Doctor Whooves is not canon and thus open to interpretation.
- Lecture me about shows you don't watch. Just watching a lot of Doctor Whooves fanart DOES NOT make you an expert on 50 years of Doctor Who. I haven't seen all of it either, but I don't go around telling other people that their ideas are wrong because it references something I haven't seen yet.  There is A LOT of history behind Doctor Who, some of which might even be a bit contradictory.

And lastly for the love of god:
READ THE ARTISTS' DESCRIPTION BEFORE YOU START COMPLAINING. More often than not there is an explanation there.

Llama by FlawlesslyArtisticI love comments by Sedma:thumb310085525:I support writing English by FragileReveries:thumb327200668:Character Abuse by StamPorMole

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The Usagi
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Welcome to the DeviantArt account of Usagi-Zakura.
Here you will find animal-photos, fanarts and comics.

- Do you do requests?

- Do you do commissions?
Yes. More info here:…

- Why don't your tailed beasts look right?
Because they're not the Naruto-ones. They are creatures of mythology. Read the effing artist descriptions. Those things are ancient too and I don't update my fanart because or recent developments.

- Can I do fanart of your characters?
As a fanartist who spend hours drawing copyrighted characters without asking for permission it would be rather hypocritical to say no... Go right ahead. I would love to see it. So long as you don't take credit for creating them.

- Can I post your art on another website? (Might be odd putting this here since most people don't even are terrible.)
No. This includes Facebook, Tumblr (unless its reblogged, and yes I do post a lot of my art to Tumblr as well) and Roleplaying sites. Don't be a thief!

- Can you draw me as a cyberpony?
Only if you buy a commission of it.

- But I don't have money T.T
Sorry. I don't draw free art for complete strangers.

- Why do I have to comment before I fav and not after?
I don't care when you comment. I just feel like I get more feedback from actual text than just a tiny golden star.

- Hi I'm FlytterTwiHorse the Alicorn adn I'm here to talk to the pony in your pic.
No you're not. This isn't a roleplaying site.

- Who is Mister Clever?
Mister Clever is a cyberman-version of the Doctor from the season 7 episode Nightmare in Silver. Drawn here as a pegasus-pony as seen in his blog:

- The Doctor isn't supposed to be a pegasus and he's supposed to be married to Derpy!
The Doctor isn't supposed to be a pony at all and his last wife was River Song. Stop trying to mix your headcanon with mine.

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